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Lucidity's Palomar

Giana (Lucidity's Palomar) was whelped on 8th July 2019, and is sired by MBISS CKCSC-USA Ch, AKC GCHB & Can. Ch. Dreamvale Motley Crue. JW (Tommy) who was bred/owned by Karen Sage of Dreamvale Cavaliers. Tommy is an integral dog in our breeding program as he represents a complete outcross. His pedigree includes dogs that appear in none of the Lucidity's pedigrees for 5 generations. Giana's COI is almost unheard of in show-line Cavaliers, at 0.677%. We're so glad that we got some beautiful puppies from this breeding, as outcrossing is so important to maintain genetic diversity and avoid inbreeding depression.

To top it off, Tommy's mother, Hannah (AKC GCh Dreamvale Hands Down) was heart clear at 10 years of age, and Tommy himself was heart clear till the age of 8. Giana's mother, Liesl, is heart clear at 6 and has a clear MRI scan at 4 years 3 months old! Liesl's sire, Ch. Maibee Hardy was heart clear till 8 and had a clear MRI scan at almost 4 years old.

Giana was named after the character Georgiana Darcy from Pride & Prejudice, her brother being Darcy (after Fitzwilliam Darcy).

Health Tests
  • OFA Eye Clear (February 2021) - ophthalmologist

  • OFA Heart Clear (April 2023) - cardiologist

  • Patella Clear

  • Hereditary (DNA) clear of CC/DE & EF


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