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My name is Su Ann and I live in the suburbs of Vancouver, BC. I've been showing dogs since 2012, starting when I moved back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2010 after having lived in Vancouver for 5.5 years. Showing and breeding Cavaliers has been a passion for close to a decade now, but it is, in essence, just a hobby. I have a full time job outside of breeding/showing.


In 2011, I decided that I would like to have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and thus, Lyra joined my family. She was originally intended to go to a show home overseas, but that person backed out and she came to us instead! I soon started getting interested in showing, and after doing months and months of research, speaking with exhibitor/breeder friends, I decided that I would show Lyra. 

To my surprise, Lyra exceeded all expectations and became a true star in the ring, becoming the No. 1 Cavalier in Malaysia 2 years running (2012 & 2013) despite consistently being the youngest dog being shown in the ring. She also finished in the Top 10 of the Toy Group these two years! I've shown Lyra in the veteran classes here in Canada and she has to date, 3 Best Veteran in Specialty wins.

In September 2014, I made a trip to the UK, Ireland and Germany, getting to meet many many lovely Cavaliers throughout the trip. While in Germany, I visited Markus Kirschbaum and Klaus Vorderstrasse of the Bonitos Companeros fame to pick up my handsome new boy, Monroe (Bonitos Companeros Rednex of Lucidity's).

About Lucidity's

After two years campaigning Monroe, he finished 2015 and 2016 as the top Cavalier in Malaysia, and also in the top 10 of the Toy Group. He also finished his International Champion, Malaysian Grand Champion, Asia Pacific Champion, Thai Champion and Canadian Champion titles.

In 2015, my first imported girl came from Melanie and Jörg Kolb of Melrose Cavaliers in Germany. Liesl (Melrose Remember Me of Lucidity's) joined our show team, and not long after, another girl from Simone Frankenberg of vom Welfenhof Cavaliers joined us, also from Germany. I am eternally grateful to Melanie, Jörg and Simone for allowing two beautiful, healthy and sound foundation girls to be part of our family.

In 2016, I moved back to Vancouver, Canada and have continued showing Cavaliers here. More recently, I've imported Cavaliers from Jelena Kopcic in Germany, whose Cavaliers are all MRI-scanned clear before breeding, thus giving me lines with multiple generations of clear scans behind them in addition to being wonderful specimens of the breed. I have also imported frozen semen from the US and UK and have been importing chilled semen from top producing, top winning stud dogs.

I've focused on breeding from my own dogs in recent years, incorporating various American and new UK lines. My homebred dogs have done well at Cavalier specialties. In 2019, I finished my first second-generation Lucidity's, Eilish (GCh. Lucidity's Zenyatta), who became my first homebred grand champion in 2019 and finished my homebred boy, Riker (Ch. Lucidity's League of Legends) at the young age of 11 months with limited showing! Riker then went on to finish his grand championship in summer 2021, after being forced into a long hiatus due to the pandemic.

Today, the entire Lucidity's show team is made up of mostly homebred dogs, and I'm currently on my third generation of homebred dogs in the ring!

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