Puppies bred by Lucidity's


​We do not export or ship puppies. If you aren't local, you'll have to fly here to pick up your puppy. Our puppies are only available to Canadian and US residents. All of our pet puppies and young adults (1-3 years old) are priced from $3,500.​ If you are interested in a puppy, please fill out the puppy inquiry form so that we can review your application for suitability.

Pet puppies are NOT available for breeding purposes and must be spayed or neutered at 12 to18 months old - we withhold CKC registration papers until proof of spay/neuter is received. We may consider placing a show potential puppy to a local show home only under special circumstances, under a co-ownership contract. We do not place puppies with breeders abroad. We do not export puppies.


We take health very seriously, and our dogs are fully health tested before they are bred. All our dogs have their hearts and eyes checked by board-certified cardiologists and ophthalmologists via the OFA. Our Cavaliers are also DNA tested for Curly Coat/Dry Eye Syndrome (CC/DE), and Episodic Falling (EF). Some of our dogs are also MRI-scanned clear of syringomyelia, and most of our imported dogs come from multiple generations of MRI-clear dogs.

We do not place puppies as service or emotional support dogs as we find this to be stressful both to us and our puppies to have to live up to such high expectations. There are organizations that have breeding programmes specifically for this purpose. Our puppies are placed as companions only.

November 2021 Update

Our waitlist is full until the end of 2022. If you're looking to take home a puppy in 2023, please fill out the inquiry form to find out if we've opened our list for then. 

Our dogs all live in the home, as a part of the family. They are never placed in wire-bottom cages, and are all fully house-trained and know basic (and some advanced) commands. We also strive to show and title all of our dogs - most of our puppies have both parents that are champions (and frequently all grandparents as well), as our main goal is to breed Cavaliers that not only adhere to the breed standard, but possess the correct, happy, outgoing temperament that makes them excellent show and family dogs.

Puppies are raised right by our living room, and are extensively socialized with people, household sounds, and other dogs. They're also pee-pad trained and crate trained from day one, and if you're being offered an older puppy or young adult, he/she is probably at least partially trained to do their business outside (in the yard).

Lucidity's foundation Cavaliers are all from imported, multi-champion, health-tested lines from Europe and Australia. Pet puppies are allowed to go to their new homes from 9 weeks of age onward, after they receive their first vaccinations and health checks. We send all our puppies home with a complimentary 30-day pet insurance from Trupanion.