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Ch. Lucidity's Mistral

Izzie (Canadian Champion Lucidity's Mistral) was whelped on 7th January 2022, sired by Riker out of Eilish. She's part of the first litter out of both parents that were bred by Lucidity's! To top it off, she's also out of the first litter with both parents who are Canadian Grand Champions. Izzie's mom, Eilish is still heart clear at 5.5 years old and her dad, Riker is heart clear at 4. Izzie is named after Isobel Stevens from Grey's Anatomy and her registered name was inspired by a weather phenomenon (all her siblings were named after weather phenomenons as well!). 

Izzie started her show career as a puppy at the end of 2022 by going to a grand total of only one show, then took a long break from showing until July 2023. She was shown sporadically in the summer and fall and gained all but one point to finish her title, which she promptly did in February 2024! Izzie finished her championship pretty quickly, and is the 2nd third generation Lucidity's bred Cavalier to gain her title.

Health Tests
  • OFA Eye Clear (December 2023) - ophthalmologist

  • OFA Heart Clear (November 2023) - cardiologist

  • Hereditary (DNA) clear of CC/DE & EF


eilish x riker ped.jpg
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